See You There

Photography fans should head over to Paris’ Galerie Sage, where you can discover a fascinating mix of some of photography’s greatest, from Nan Goldin‘s poetic, intimate works to a nightsky shot by Wolfgang Tillmans. The center piece is a sort of mosaic by Italian artist Luigi Ghirri, whose known for a certain soft elegance. “Atlante” from 1973 is one of his more conceptual works, exploring the experience of evoking memories, images and associations when reading a map. “In this work, I endeavoured to carry out a journey in a place which effaces the journey itself – because, within the atlas, all possible journeys are already described. The ‘happy places’  – so precious for our literary history and for our hopes – have now all been decribed, and it seems the only possible journey or discovery left is that of re-discovering previous discoveries”, says the artist himself.